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IT professionals have capacity to evolve in job marketplace

September 25, 2015 | Posted at 10:21 am

For many people, the information technology job market is in a constant state of flux, with new products and skill sets evolving to seemingly fall in line with the demands of an increasingly tech-savvy consumer market. The adoption of cloud computing and the demands of big data, for example, have encouraged the IT professional to adapt to situations as they appear, with some sectors of the industry appearing to experience the same skills gap that has been seen in other workplace environments.

However, while some industry sectors such as manufacturing can identify exactly where the gap is having the most effect, information technology continues to attract job seekers and career changers, many of whom see opportunities in the virtual world for advancement.

According to InformationWeek, the hiring market for technology utilizes both old and new means of finding the right person for the right job, especially as talent is apparently becoming harder to find. With this in mind, there are several trends that job seekers and human resources managers should consider in the brave new world of tech recruitment.

Firstly, social media isn't going away anytime soon. That is not to say that Facebook and Twitter may eventually lose some of their instant communication luster, but in terms of building an online – and searchable – profile, social networks are an ideal place to highlight skills. Professional networking sites such as LinkedIn are normally the first place that hiring managers will look when scouting for a potential  new recruit, while for job seekers the ability to set up filters for the position they want and are qualified for can ensure that relevant employment opportunities come to the top of the pile.

Secondly, the difficulties that some companies are having in finding the perfect IT hire can preclude them from considering the talent on their doorstep. According to InformationWeek, tech companies are educating existing staff in the latest IT developments, ensuring that the passive job seeker may gain valuable experience in-house. Staff looking to get their next foot on the ladder should always be looking for further education in unfamiliar IT fields, with certification important in a competitive marketplace.

This concept of advancement through existing or offered opportunity can also be applied to the world beyond the workspace. Learning computer code may be an essential part of the IT staffing position, but being able to accurately convey the language of IT business can be an essential weapon in your armory. This can be achieved through physical networking events, where the chance to have an informal discussion with people or companies that you would be keen to work with in the future can prove to be a worthwhile use of time.

The third and final aspect of being evolving in the IT industry has its origins in sports. Professional teams keep a constant eye on prospective talent – Billy Beane at the Oakland Athletics is a fine example – with the theory being to have a roster of already-identified "talent pools" that can be called upon or sourced when the time is right. Once again, IT professionals can ensure that their online presence is visible within the industry, especially when considering that the tech sector is not just limited to large multinationals.

"Larger companies have been doing this for a number of years and it is now trickling down to startups and smaller tech companies," noted the news source. "The idea is 'always be recruiting' – that while an Android developer may not be needed today or this month, employers know that they may need two or three more this year."