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IT hiring at its highest level in years, say industry analysts

August 5, 2013 | Posted at 4:46 pm

Information technology hiring is reportedly at its highest level since June 1998 after tech industry analysts dissected the latest employment figures released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

According to ZDNet, there were 3,600 positions created in the data processing and hosting sectors, with an increased adoption of the cloud ensuring that companies brought in more IT staff to facilitate the transition to the virtual storage facility. The news source also revealed that the interest in cloud-based technology has sparked a boom in hiring, with service providers reporting that the number of jobs being posted online that relate solely to that branch of computing is accounting for 6 percent of all IT jobs.

The news source also noted that the unemployment rate for IT professionals dropped again in July, with the BLS data showing that 3.8 percent of technology staff were currently out of work, compared to 4.2 percent in June. Technology consulting was also seen to be a strong sector, with 4,300 positions added in the last month, bringing the total to 40,300 for the year.

Bright IT future
In terms of job seeking, the future is looking bright for IT specialists, especially when considering that the marketplace remains competitive. There has been a concerted push by companies to identify and acquire talent in recent months, and while there is still considered to be somewhat of a talent gap in some sectors of the industry, candidates can use this demand to their best advantage.

Getting noticed is normally the first step, and the traditional method of submitting a detailed resume is still considered to be a prime factor in the job search. According to a recent blog posted on, there are a few ways that an IT job seeker can make sure that it stands out from the crowd.

Adding a technical summary of achievements and skills can ensure that a hiring manager doesn’t have to trawl through a resume to find out what the candidate can actually do. Highlighting software programs and areas of specialization can demonstrate competence at an early point in the process, while listing some – not all – of the more key projects in a career can be a valuable guide for a potential employer.

The job seeker should also make sure that they are up to speed on new developments within a chosen industry sector, with the news source suggesting that showing an appreciation of what is going on in the IT world can make a difference.

The complete package
In addition to this, a career summary will also give a broader picture of what the prospective employee can be expected to achieve in the workspace. More and more companies are looking for the complete package and while this can be directed towards the tech aspect, demonstrating soft skills such as communication, workplace discipline and co-worker engagement are all essential tools to have.

At the same time, there is a need for the candidate to show levels of professional dedication to the task in hand. Including a synopsis of the positions held and how they impacted on the company as a whole can be extremely relevant to a prospective employer, while detailing any initiatives that benefited the firm in a financial sense could also demonstrate measurable achievements in terms of revenue generation or even cost-saving exercises.

Finally, the resume can also give a glimpse of personality, with interests and non-work related projects deemed to be an important part of assessing workplace integration. Seemingly unrelated details of voluntary work or extracurricular activity can provide a valuable insight into how an individual spends free time, and allows the hiring manager to factor that into the employment equation.